29 december 2011

Whats a girl gotta do with her pay check...

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas! 
I certainly had! Had a bit of time to relax and see family and I was spoilt rotten with presents. I got Body by Burberry - a lovely perfume in my opinion. Also, I still had a gift certificate left from my graduation last year and got myself the Inimitable Intense mascara by Chanel (SO good - my #1 mascara) 

So the title explains it all. Got my pay check & accidentally surfed to www.topshop.com where I accidentally threw some of my cravings in the shopping basket and accidentally clicked BUY BUY BUY - OOPS?!

Got myself the Topshop Ambush Boots a.k.a. the Acne Pistol Boots wannabees. Actually - I think I might like the Ambush Boots better than the Acne ones...

Also got a concealer make-up brush and the eye crayon in sunshower.. I quite like Topshop make-up.


23 december 2011

It's all in the (leather) details

1. Leather Sleeve Jumper (brand unknown) 2. Leather Sleeve Jeans Blouse (brand unknown) 3. Rag & Bone Crawford Suede and Leather Sweater 4. Rag & Bone Baxter Leather-trimmed Wool Sweater 5. Marc Jacobs Leather Sleeve Jumper 6. Alexander Wang Leather Sleeve Jeans Jacket 7. Rick Owens Leather Sleeve Jeans Jacket 8. Givenchy Leather Sleeve Coat 9. Leather Cuff Jumper (brand unknown)

Yesterday evening I had to drag myself to the Kalverstraat (one of the busiest shopping streets of Amsterdam) for some last minute Christmas shopping - something that you'd rather not do on one of the last evenings before Christmas! Obviously I can never resist dropping into the H&M for a quickscan of new clothing and accessories - and my eye fell on the "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" clothing line which includes a nice dark navy jeans jacket with leather sleeves - unfortunately it was no longer available in my size... 

In the mean time I will drool over some of these other partly leather/partly -insert any other fabric- items!

Also quite obsessed about the partly leather/partly wool scarf that Sabrina from Aftrdark is wearing here D.I.V.I.N.E.!

Happy Holidays y'all!

01 december 2011

DIY: Sparkling Heel Boots

Want to learn how to make sparkling heel boots yourself so that you can pimp up those boring old pair of shoes that you know are still lying somewhere under a pile of clothes in your closet and give them a second life? I just stumbled upon this very helpful DIY guide... and I must say; the results look quite impressive! Look for yourselves...

30 november 2011

These boots were made to sparkle

OK so you might have spotted them on the right column of my blog under "best new buys" but these sparkling beauties that just arrived from the other side of the Canal deserve a blog post on their own...

Topshop Amber Glitter Heel Boots (80 pounds)

I will post some photos myself as this picture does not do justice to these lovelies <3

27 november 2011

Alys Hale

 What a beautiful Lara Stone-esque model! Quite interesting!


Ph. by Adrian Mesko, Andrew & William Ho and Damon Baker

25 november 2011

Minimalist jewellery

Lately I have been obsessed about the minimalist style jewellery trend that is going on.

Looks great with almost everything!

From top to bottom - from left to right: 1. Gold toned choker, H&M 2. Silver toned choker, H&M Divided 3. Silver and gold toned choker, H&M Trend 4. Double finger rings, ASOS / two silver and one gold ring, H&M Divided

04 november 2011

Burgundy love

Ashley Smith for Annabel Magazine
Ph. by Nadine Ottawa

21 oktober 2011


Isabeli Fontana

20 oktober 2011



16 oktober 2011




15 oktober 2011

Sittin' on top of the world

Love this photograph.

13 oktober 2011


I loves my faux-Rocco
Please arrive soon-ish
I need you to come to Dublin with me

11 oktober 2011

28 september 2011

Geometry love

I have been loving these kinds of geometrically shaped rings lately.. 

1. ASOS Metal Kiss ring €7.69 - 2. ASOS Angular Shaped Cocktail Ring 5,77 - 3. ASOS Cubed Stud Cocktail Ring 10,26 - 4. Topshop Black Prism Ring £10,00 - 5. Topshop Triangle Cut Out Ring £7,50 - 6. Topshop Geometric Shape Ring £10,00 - 7. Gemma Lister Square Ring via ASOS 83,33

What do you think?

27 september 2011


I love the structure of the garment that Miroslava Duma is wearing on these two pictures... together with the statement necklace, clutch and amazing heels its perfection. Makes me long for winter.

25 september 2011

Win a year of free shopping at Zalando!

Zalando the online webshop where you can buy anything imaginable from shoes to scarves, from coats to underwear, from necklaces to knitwear - has an amazing competition going on at the moment; all you have to do is create an outfit from the items that they sell and you can win a year of free shopping at Zalando! Great deal huh? Here is my outfit. Click on the Zalando add at the bottom of this post to compete as well!

zalando all you can shop

24 september 2011

Fall cravings

Although I really REALLY despise rain & the colder weather that comes with fall and winter, I really like the fashion in these seasons - maybe better than summer fashion. Here are some fall cravings. I'd really like a rust-colored belted maxi skirt, some grey denim shorts, and a few other things...

I am so happy that I already have the Monki Faradiba clutch in eggplant - I think it's absolutely lovely and can be both chic and more edgy. Thank Buddha for the online Monki shop!!!

22 september 2011

Hair inspiration

Some lovely hair inspiration...

18 september 2011


Ok ok I admit it, not writing a single blog post since March is quite a long time of blog silence. Actually, it is a true blog-killer to have been away for more than 6 months to say the least. In the mean time my laptop crashed and as a consequence I lost all my blog documents. But more importantly, I have been very busy juggling 3 (!!!) responsibilities a.k.a. part-time jobs at the same time, which has led to a serious lack of spare time... I have really missed blogging! Which is why I am B.A.C.K. 

I realize that I do not have a lot of followers but I hope that the few I do have will enjoy my coming posts - thanks for following me!! I really appreciate it

Lately I have been obsessing about some pieces of the already well-known Fashionology jewellery line again. The jewellery is designed by the lovely Rachel who also has a blog (click!) you might be interested in. 

Look at these pretties & fall in love.

Cross bangles by Fashionology.nl

More posts coming very soon

03 maart 2011


Alexander Wang
Large Cher Siamese Clutch in Leopard

Ok, ok, its been out for quite some time and is sold out everywhere,
But I cannot explain how much I love it.

23 februari 2011

Get armoured!

Get this beauty of an armour ring for only 8 pounds (was 10 pounds) at ASOS.com - ASOS also offers free shipping at the moment so its a steal! Ive been wanting this specific one for a while now so I placed my order!

Best of all: all sizes are still available!

23 januari 2011

Alexander Wa-ang BABY!

I have been a fan of Alexander Wang for quite some time now and I just got myself this fa-abulous Alexander Wang skirt 60% off at net-a-porter! Cannot wait to get my hands on it and wear it with a nice fuzzy warm knit and some black wedges!

Shout out to Annemerel from Annemerel.com for posting the skirt on her blog!

06 januari 2011