27 januari 2012

A Rose Gold Love Affair

Damnit! It al started with a itsy bitsy tiny ring piercing for my helix... and it's starting to turn into an outright obsession:


I have no words to explain to you HOW MUCH I am in love with anything ROSE GOLD at this point. I'm definately on the peruse.

IF ONLY Casio would make a Mini Digital Watch in ROSE GOLD! I would never ask for anything else in my life. 
My life would be complete.

First photo unknown
Second photo by Style Hurricane
Last photo by Love Aesthetics

24 januari 2012

Chapeau Taminiau

One of my favorite Dutch designers, and designers in general for that matter, of the last couple of years has been Jan Taminiau. There is something about his designs that is so interesting, innovative and "fashion forward" to me.

In Paris he combined these beautiful whimsical playful designs with Star Wars/Darth Vader-esque helmets - LOVE!

Jan Taminiau
"Tarnished Beauty"
at Paris Fashion Week

11 januari 2012


Selection of "new in" @ Topshop

07 januari 2012

Win win win!

WOW! You can now win the Balenciaga Arena Giant City Bag on Erika's The Fashion Chalet! Click here for more details how!

I certainly entered right away since it has been high up my "to buy whenever I manage to get the finances for it"-list! To think that I actually have a (small chance of winning... Such a beauty of a bag.

Enter, enter, enter!!

Balenciaga Arena Giant City Bag, Fashion, Kardashian, Nicole Richie, Barneys New York

05 januari 2012

The ultimate leather jacket

Pinned Image

Looking for the ultimate leather draped/waterfall jacket that is actually affordable. Does not have to be cheap though... I need a leather jacket that is going to last me at least a few years. Zara, ASOS, Topshop where are you when I need you!?

 HELP! Suggestions more than welcome <3

04 januari 2012


Happy 2012! Hope the Mayan gods will spare you all! I don't really "do" new years resolutions but if I would my #1 resolution would be to start doing more DIY and start re-using clothes and accessories, giving them a second life instead of buying more. Seems fun and sensible!

A good way to start is my decision to buy those lovely silver studs that Ive been eyeing on on eBay.

Probably starting off with some studded jeans shorts!

Other DIY (tutorials) to start trying
Studded loafers
Galaxy wedges

How about you? Do you have any unusual new years resolutions?