18 september 2011


Ok ok I admit it, not writing a single blog post since March is quite a long time of blog silence. Actually, it is a true blog-killer to have been away for more than 6 months to say the least. In the mean time my laptop crashed and as a consequence I lost all my blog documents. But more importantly, I have been very busy juggling 3 (!!!) responsibilities a.k.a. part-time jobs at the same time, which has led to a serious lack of spare time... I have really missed blogging! Which is why I am B.A.C.K. 

I realize that I do not have a lot of followers but I hope that the few I do have will enjoy my coming posts - thanks for following me!! I really appreciate it

Lately I have been obsessing about some pieces of the already well-known Fashionology jewellery line again. The jewellery is designed by the lovely Rachel who also has a blog (click!) you might be interested in. 

Look at these pretties & fall in love.

Cross bangles by Fashionology.nl

More posts coming very soon

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