28 februari 2010


Burberry Prorsum
Spring 2010 collection
source: stylesightings.com


Just placed my first order on fashionology.nl! A pair of lovely cross earrings! If you havent heard of fashionology.nl yet (but I highly doubt that!); its definately worth paying a visit!!

27 februari 2010

Time for the Blues

Some of my favorite blue designs of the spring and fall collections '10

Im normally not a big Armani fan but I love Armani's 2010 spring collection - so many shades of blue and so perfectly combined! I also love Luisa Beccaria's 2010 fall collection; icy and greyish blues (or blueish greys) with red lips = ♥

Seems like blue is the new black.

This baby is mine!

Michael Kors Gold Chronograph Bracelet Watch
Also available on ASOS

Yeah the day has finally come! This baby is mine!
Well... Ill actually get it this friday (my birthday) but I fitted it this afternoon and Im completely in love with it! ♥

26 februari 2010

Posies ring!

Im fortunate enough to have a friend living in Chicago who comes to Europe a lot for his work as a dj. Saves me about $30,- on shipping costs - which would be a bit too crazy (even for me) for an order of 1 ring.. but what a ring! I just had to have this one! Perfect for spring/summer '10!


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