30 augustus 2012

Voyage, voyage!

I'm leaving Amsterdam for the lovely Côte d'Azur, or the French Rivièra if you will, tomorrow morning at 5.00AM! 

I cannot wait to see places such as Cagnes-sur-Mer (where we will stay), Nice, Eze, St-Jean Cap Ferrat, Cannes, maybe St-Tropez, definitely Monaco/Monte Carlo & to enjoy the Southern French Sunshine and everything this amazing region of France has to offer! Also very looking forward to practicing my French again!

My planned airplane outfit

06 augustus 2012

Maxi skirt heaven.

I think I have died and gone up to maxi skirt heaven...
This flowy mint Zara skirt is everything I have prayed for!
Fastest buy ever.

05 augustus 2012

Instagramaddicted #2

1 | best coffee ever 2 | still very much in love with everything rose gold 3 | beautiful garden at the back of the office 4 | very much regret not getting this mint sweater from Zara 5 | party, party! 6 | beach time 7 | some party-ing again 8 | watching SATC from the beginning again 9 | beach time #2, finally! 10 |  enjoying the sunshine, wine and a bit of food after work 11 | beach sunset 12 | booking our flights to the Cote d'Azur! Couldn't be happier and more of a lucky bastard this year when it comes to travelling and holidays 13 | celebratory wines with mom 14 | this was a wild night that ended with us singing R. Kelly's "I believe I can fly" around Amsterdam... sigh. 15 | after work beers 16 | my new favorite Ben & Jerry's flavor with hilarious name 17 | new ASOS cross bracelet after my old one died 18 | Gaypride canal boat parade in Amsterdam

31 juli 2012

Oui, oui!

In a month's time I will be at the Côte d'Azur and I cannot wait to stroll along the beautiful beach promenades, eat way too many pains, baguettes et pains au chocolat, soak in the Southern French sun, try socca, eat proper bouillabaisse et salade niçoise, see places such as Cannes, Nice and Monaco & see what the fuss is about...

28 juli 2012

Topshop selection

A big reason why I tend to order on ASOS a lot and not so much on Topshop and the E.L.F. website has to do with their shipping costs... 5 pounds may not seem as much but if I buy at ASOS.com instead I can spend those extra 5 pounds on clothing or accessories instead ;) - easy choice! But when Topshop offers free delivery... MAN, I tend to spend hours on their website to make sure that I make use of it!

Until midnight Sunday the 29th of July Topshop.com offers free delivery worldwide! 

My personal favorites

Save to say I still love anything rose gold...

Are you going to order anything??

21 juli 2012

Bag essentials

My bag essentials

My old yet loyal iPhone 3GS
MAC cremeblend blush in "Something Special"
Monki "Miracle Purse"
Sony Cybershot DSC-WX7 in white
Catrice velvet matt lipstick in "Colour Bomb"
H&M rose gold bobby pins
Smith's Rosebud Salve
Catrice re-touch light-reflecting concealer
Monki "Sonia" make-up bag in duck egg blue
Sephora "I will survive" radiance face spray
Moleskin notebook

09 juli 2012

Totally Tote!

Developed "a thing" for simplistic black tote bags
Some of my favorites:

1 | Jil Sander Paper Bag Tote
2 | Want Les Essentiels de la Vie Orly Shoulder Tote
3 | Maison Martin Margiela Tote
4 | Alexander Wang Prisma Tote

Which one is your favorite? 
I tend to levitate towards the Jil Sander Paper Bag Tote!

04 juli 2012

Oui oui oui

My oh my Dior... Je t'aime.

24 juni 2012

La Dolce Vita

Arrived back - from sunny Bella Italia (Rome and Naples) with temperatures reaching 37 degrees Celsius - in dreary, rainy, cloudy Amsterdam with temperatures as low as 15 degrees Celsius.

Hello 20+ degrees difference...

Top: Zara | Maxiskirt: Zara | Bag: vintage | Sunglasses: H&M

Did I mention that Rome has a Zara flagship store? If you happen to be in Rome, be on the lookout for the four stories high Zara building on the Via del Corso. On the photo above you see me in my brandnew Zara coral maxiskirt... Also bought a load of Kiko stuff (so cheap!), another dress from Zara and a dress and ring from the Porta Portese market.. Good times!

12 juni 2012



It's been an awful long time - lots of things happened - won't bother you with the most of 'em, but I went to the amazing, beautiful, musical, uplifting, spiritual "Warm Heart of Africa" country of Malawi for work for one thing. I do not have words for this country besides A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Recommended to anyone who would like to travel in Africa but is not sure where to start. So with that out of the way:


Mark November 15! The Maison Martin Margiela x H&M collection will be available in 230 stores worldwide and online!


I always get pretty excited whenever I hear about the new H&M designer collection, however, I also get pretty disappointed whenever I see the first press photos of the actual pieces... I am deeply hoping that this will not be the case this time. NOT with one of my favorite designer brands - NOT THIS TIME H&M.
Capice? Yes? Ok.

Will be leaving for Rome tomorrow in the early morning. They have a flagship Zara store you know... and also some very old buildings and statues apparently. Till next time!

09 mei 2012

The perfect parka

Zara did it again... and I fell for it off course. Ordered the amazing parka with the big pockets... 

Here a picture of Billie-Rose (love her blog and style! Make sure you check it out if you haven't already!) rocking exactly the same parka. Isn't it A-M-A-Z-I-N-G?

I have been completely obsessed about Zara's spring/summer collection...

It has been pretty quiet around here lately because I have been very busy at work because I will go to Malawi for a work visit coming Saturday and obviously I had to make a lot of arrangements for my visit. 

Very exciting - will be back after my visit!

25 april 2012

"Maison Martin Margiela" ASOS look-alike rings

 ... are back in stock on ASOS!


I - obviously - caved and ordered the silver-toned ones ^^
Actually, Im also craving for the gold-toned ones...
Make them in rose gold-tone and I'll give up.

21 april 2012

Instagramaddicted #1

Been completely hooked on Instagram lately.

From left to right:
my (old) H&M ring | new rose gold Zara bag | blooming magnolia tree in the backyard of the office | A Mere Interlude by Thomas Hardy - don't judge a book by its (lovely) cover... | home-made Melanzane | making my house cosy while staying sick at home | Vogue NL numèro uno! | found out that Zara actually makes some great fragrances for ridiculously low prices - Black Peony is my current favorite! | again, cosyness while being sick | coffee made by the lovely Roos at the office | my recent purchase from YSL #16 Red Temptation | being sick gives me really small eyes.. | my best friend while being sick | new neon eyecandy from H&M Trend | a Mad Men-addict is born - at season 3 now | mint knit from Zara | Zara grey grainy knit | Zara batwing cardigan - regret not getting it | I love Zara & yes I did it | recent purchase from Chanel - the lovely Espiègle blush | LOVE LOVE LOVE these ROSE-GOLD above the knuckle rings from Pieces - nothing but LOVE

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15 april 2012

Could I possibly?

Remember when I told you about my new Zara bag - the black + rose gold boxy one? I have been absolutely loving it since I have it. But you know Zara... Always trying to outdo themselves.

I was just going through my weekly build-up of YouTube videos on fashion and beauty - one of them by MeganIsobel raving about another rose-gold detailed Zara bag and Oh... My... God... do I love this dusty grey with rose gold hardware one...

Seriously Zara STOP IT.

Best thing is... it's only 19,99 GBP / 29,99 EUR

14 april 2012


My mom is the kind of person that wins almost everything that she participates in. She once won 10.000,- Dutch guilders and we went on vacation and spent it all back in the early nineties. The only thing I've ever won so far is a stuffed penguin - which I thought was amazing when I was 5. 

And guess what?! I was one of the 5 lucky girls to win the lovely Julie Gartha's Aussie blog contest!! And I just received my prize; 5 amazing Aussie products. And since I LOVE Aussie products I'm so so so happy with them!! 

Thanks so much Julie and Aussie!
Have you ever won a blog contest?

11 april 2012

Keeping up with the Joneses in Bloggerland

Don't get me wrong. I love reading my daily portion of blogs that I am subscribed to through Bloglovin'. Love to see OOTD's, hauls, new bags, clothes - basically to read up what has been put in all those lovely stores while I am slaving away in the office (okay exaggerated; while I am working like everyone else ;).

However, there are moments like these when I am feeling a bit fed up with Bloggerland.


Currently it is because of the infamous leather "Olivia Palermo" Zara tote bag - but could be anything that's "big" and overexposed in Bloggerland. You know which one I mean. I do not even need to show you the picture of it and I do not want to; you have probably come across it a zillion times if you're a blog follower or a blogger yourself. Google "Zara bag" and you will see an insane amount of bloggers wearing the same bag.

It seems like lately - more than ever - everyone (read: the majority of fashion bloggers) is wearing EXACTLY the same clothes, carrying EXACTLY the same bags, strutting on EXACTLY the same shoes... you get the point. Where is the diversity? For me, there are too many bloggers doing the same thing lately; blogging about buying and showing us exactly the same pieces that other bloggers also already have. The majority of the fashion blogging community seem to be preoccupied with trying to keep up with the Joneses. And that isn't very avant-garde nor Vogue now, is it?

Fortunately there are some bloggers that are still doing their own original thing, these are the bloggers that are actually making an impact on fashion in my eyes and I respect them for having more of a personal style. Just to name a few:

Ivania of Love Aesthetics
Veronica of The Fashion Fruit
Linsey of Pose

I am sorry if I offended anyone with this post - that was not my purpose at all - I still enjoy reading A LOT of blogs, just wanted to point out an issue that I think deserves attention.
What do you think about this?

10 april 2012

Denim | Inspiration

Just some random denim inspiration for you today, cause who can ever get enough of denim?

16 maart 2012

Bag porn

Utttttterly in love with my new bag.

Watched a haul video by thePersianbabe -  I always seem to love whatever she hauls and puts on - and when she said "I love rose gold, I love bags, I love Zara" my ears were wide open for sure - I LOVE ANYTHING rose gold, bags-related and (well... more than half of the time) Zara.

And out came this beauty - BOOM! Right in my face. 
Dear lord... how beautiful is this bag exactly? 
And rose gold hardware? 
Say what?!

Watch ThePersianbabe with THE bag here:

03 maart 2012

Balenciaga F/W 2012

Nicolas, Nicolas, Nicolas....
You never fail to amaze me.

Nothing but utter, utter love for the Balenciaga F/W 2012 collection.

27 februari 2012

Nineties fashion obsession #127464313

Just when you think you have reached the maximum of fashion-related obsessions... you acquire a new one. This one relates to my 90's fashion obession in general (have been looking for the perfect pair of L.A. Gear kicks.. Oversized boyfriend denim jackets - A.M.E.N.! And like it usually goes when it comes to these sudden obsessions, after looking online and finding too many overpriced ones (I love American Apparel, but 90-100 euros - no thank you) I literally found myself running to the city centre to find me one that could satisfy my want thereof. I finally settled for a slightly distressed Primark one in a UK size 16 - I believe - which makes it nicely oversized. It is slightly shorter than I wanted it to be, but you cannot beat 19 Euros.

Now if I only had a time machine to rock it in the 90s (and get me some nice L.A. Gears to go with it).

19 februari 2012

Early birthday

In a few weeks time it's my birthday again, and since I never really know what to suggest as a birthday present from my parents, which results in getting (very) belated birthday presents in say, November, each year, when my mom and I bumped into this perfect Acne-like H&M Trend leather jacket we were like: SCORE!

SO happy with it!

17 februari 2012

NYFW: Helmut Lang

One of my favorite shows of the latest edition of NYFW must have been the Helmut Lang show. 

I love how they (Michael and Nicole Colovos) have combined different black textures with grey and beige details here and there. All in all a collection with very easy-going, wearable pieces - which I love.

04 februari 2012

Girl Crush

Lykke Li

Ever since I saw her live performance at Lowlands Music Festival last year. 
Great music. Great style.

27 januari 2012

A Rose Gold Love Affair

Damnit! It al started with a itsy bitsy tiny ring piercing for my helix... and it's starting to turn into an outright obsession:


I have no words to explain to you HOW MUCH I am in love with anything ROSE GOLD at this point. I'm definately on the peruse.

IF ONLY Casio would make a Mini Digital Watch in ROSE GOLD! I would never ask for anything else in my life. 
My life would be complete.

First photo unknown
Second photo by Style Hurricane
Last photo by Love Aesthetics

24 januari 2012

Chapeau Taminiau

One of my favorite Dutch designers, and designers in general for that matter, of the last couple of years has been Jan Taminiau. There is something about his designs that is so interesting, innovative and "fashion forward" to me.

In Paris he combined these beautiful whimsical playful designs with Star Wars/Darth Vader-esque helmets - LOVE!

Jan Taminiau
"Tarnished Beauty"
at Paris Fashion Week

11 januari 2012


Selection of "new in" @ Topshop

07 januari 2012

Win win win!

WOW! You can now win the Balenciaga Arena Giant City Bag on Erika's The Fashion Chalet! Click here for more details how!

I certainly entered right away since it has been high up my "to buy whenever I manage to get the finances for it"-list! To think that I actually have a (small chance of winning... Such a beauty of a bag.

Enter, enter, enter!!

Balenciaga Arena Giant City Bag, Fashion, Kardashian, Nicole Richie, Barneys New York

05 januari 2012

The ultimate leather jacket

Pinned Image

Looking for the ultimate leather draped/waterfall jacket that is actually affordable. Does not have to be cheap though... I need a leather jacket that is going to last me at least a few years. Zara, ASOS, Topshop where are you when I need you!?

 HELP! Suggestions more than welcome <3

04 januari 2012


Happy 2012! Hope the Mayan gods will spare you all! I don't really "do" new years resolutions but if I would my #1 resolution would be to start doing more DIY and start re-using clothes and accessories, giving them a second life instead of buying more. Seems fun and sensible!

A good way to start is my decision to buy those lovely silver studs that Ive been eyeing on on eBay.

Probably starting off with some studded jeans shorts!

Other DIY (tutorials) to start trying
Studded loafers
Galaxy wedges

How about you? Do you have any unusual new years resolutions?