16 maart 2012

Bag porn

Utttttterly in love with my new bag.

Watched a haul video by thePersianbabe -  I always seem to love whatever she hauls and puts on - and when she said "I love rose gold, I love bags, I love Zara" my ears were wide open for sure - I LOVE ANYTHING rose gold, bags-related and (well... more than half of the time) Zara.

And out came this beauty - BOOM! Right in my face. 
Dear lord... how beautiful is this bag exactly? 
And rose gold hardware? 
Say what?!

Watch ThePersianbabe with THE bag here:

03 maart 2012

Balenciaga F/W 2012

Nicolas, Nicolas, Nicolas....
You never fail to amaze me.

Nothing but utter, utter love for the Balenciaga F/W 2012 collection.