29 december 2011

Whats a girl gotta do with her pay check...

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas! 
I certainly had! Had a bit of time to relax and see family and I was spoilt rotten with presents. I got Body by Burberry - a lovely perfume in my opinion. Also, I still had a gift certificate left from my graduation last year and got myself the Inimitable Intense mascara by Chanel (SO good - my #1 mascara) 

So the title explains it all. Got my pay check & accidentally surfed to www.topshop.com where I accidentally threw some of my cravings in the shopping basket and accidentally clicked BUY BUY BUY - OOPS?!

Got myself the Topshop Ambush Boots a.k.a. the Acne Pistol Boots wannabees. Actually - I think I might like the Ambush Boots better than the Acne ones...

Also got a concealer make-up brush and the eye crayon in sunshower.. I quite like Topshop make-up.


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