21 april 2012

Instagramaddicted #1

Been completely hooked on Instagram lately.

From left to right:
my (old) H&M ring | new rose gold Zara bag | blooming magnolia tree in the backyard of the office | A Mere Interlude by Thomas Hardy - don't judge a book by its (lovely) cover... | home-made Melanzane | making my house cosy while staying sick at home | Vogue NL numèro uno! | found out that Zara actually makes some great fragrances for ridiculously low prices - Black Peony is my current favorite! | again, cosyness while being sick | coffee made by the lovely Roos at the office | my recent purchase from YSL #16 Red Temptation | being sick gives me really small eyes.. | my best friend while being sick | new neon eyecandy from H&M Trend | a Mad Men-addict is born - at season 3 now | mint knit from Zara | Zara grey grainy knit | Zara batwing cardigan - regret not getting it | I love Zara & yes I did it | recent purchase from Chanel - the lovely Espiègle blush | LOVE LOVE LOVE these ROSE-GOLD above the knuckle rings from Pieces - nothing but LOVE

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