27 februari 2012

Nineties fashion obsession #127464313

Just when you think you have reached the maximum of fashion-related obsessions... you acquire a new one. This one relates to my 90's fashion obession in general (have been looking for the perfect pair of L.A. Gear kicks.. Oversized boyfriend denim jackets - A.M.E.N.! And like it usually goes when it comes to these sudden obsessions, after looking online and finding too many overpriced ones (I love American Apparel, but 90-100 euros - no thank you) I literally found myself running to the city centre to find me one that could satisfy my want thereof. I finally settled for a slightly distressed Primark one in a UK size 16 - I believe - which makes it nicely oversized. It is slightly shorter than I wanted it to be, but you cannot beat 19 Euros.

Now if I only had a time machine to rock it in the 90s (and get me some nice L.A. Gears to go with it).

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  1. I'm not that into 90s fashion (I prefer the Furby or Saturday morning cartoons), but I do love this jacket!


  2. hey, I just wanted to let you know that I am crazy about your blog, it has certainly become one of my favourites and it took only like 5 minutes :)

    xoxo, Dani from glitzerglitzer.com


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